Stand Out Hostel in Canggu


Stand Out Hostel in Canggu

Bringing the idea to the communities to understand each other is Roomates Canggu's way of immersing us in an ideal society and allowing us to share and care for others. Featuring appealing facilities such as Bunk Beds and comfortable Double or Twin rooms make this place the real deal and perfect for Solo Travelers or Couples who want to honeymoon. In addition to the full range of amenities, Roomates Canggu is strategically located in the heart of Bali's trendiest area, Canggu, which means it is near several tourist destinations. Canggu is also home to some hype places, tourist, entertainment, and culinary attractions. Reach Batu Bolong Beach or Canggu beach for only 15 minutes walk to catch the beautiful sunsets of Bali.

Hostel Facilities

Pool Bar

Drink, swim, and soak up the sun at Roomates pool bar – the best spot for refreshing drinks and relaxation.


Plunge into fun and relaxation at our hostel's pool, perfect for soaking up the sun and socializing with fellow travelers.


Soak up your worries and lay back in Roomates jacuzzi - the perfect way to add a little extravagance to your stay.

Workmates - Coworking Cafe

Blends a working space and a cozy café to fuel your productivity and delight your taste senses.

Yoga Rooftop Venue

Indulge in the serenity of morning sunshine in Roomates Yoga Rooftop Venue; Breath and feel the moment of the tropical breeze of Cagggu.

Svaha SPA Batu Bolong

Svaha Spa has distinctive spa location in Roomates Hostel. Providing serenity along with stunning landscape of natural beauty and slight breeze.


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